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Safe students.
Academic excellence.
Parent and community values.

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Ed Brey
Ed mentoring at robotics competition
Ed and his daughter at a robotics competition. This year the team advanced to State.


Ed is a self-employed software engineer and 17-year resident of Sheboygan Falls. He enjoys officiating high school sports, playing ultimate frisbee and volleyball, and joining his wife and children in all things backyard.

Ed has a MS in computer engineering from NTU, has a BS in electrical engineering from Marquette University, and graduated 2nd in his class from New Berlin West HS. Thankful to be an American and for the doors his education opened, he strives to prepare today’s students for their land of opportunity.

  • Clerk Pro Tem of the School Board
  • Managed engineering teams in large corporations
  • Small business owner for 12 years
  • Leader in the PTA and Middle School Robotics
  • Active in Junior Achievement and Special Olympics

“I see my role as a steward, prudently investing taxpayer funds into teaching students the skills, character, and wisdom they’ll need to build strong families and careers.” –Ed Brey


Ed has supported several initiatives to improve our schools while remaining careful with spending. Here are some highlights. Those adopted by the district are marked with a ✓.

Safe students

Training: Prepare teachers with a wider range of threat response options. ✓

Security: Modernize cameras and communication technology. ✓

Private spaces: Give parents confidence that girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams are separate from boys.

Solid academics

Best teachers: Use merit pay to attract and retain top teachers at fair market rates.

Career readiness: Expand our college-level and trade-skill courses. ✓ (with more to do)

Improved classes: Upgrade to new evidence-based curriculums in math and English. ✓

Classrooms without politics

Patriotism: Teach America’s heritage as a great nation, keep balance, and analyze our founding documents.

Neutrality: Keep classrooms welcoming, but without identity politics like “Progress Pride” flags and “Safe Space” signs.

Academic depth: Replace polarizing political slogans on classroom walls with projects rich in perspective and critical thinking.

Engaged community

Parent rights: Let parents decide what’s best for their kids, e.g. on gender identity. Education is a partnership.

Transparency: Post instructional material online. Letting the community in keeps special interests out.

Oversight: End the Gender and Sexuality Alliance bypass of parent, community, and Board review of sex ed content.


Ed is a thoughtful, engaged and concerned local school board member. The Sheboygan Falls School District is well served with board members like Ed Brey.

Terry Katsma

Terry Katsma

Wisconsin State Representative (Assembly District 26)

I always appreciate the knowledge that Ed brings to the conversation. He cares about his community and is always well informed on matters when it comes to our youth.

Amy Binsfeld

Amy Binsfeld

Wisconsin State Representative (Assembly District 27)

Ed is friendly and caring. He is compassionate and also intelligent. He is a problem solver who approaches the issues facing our community like a scientist. He dissects the issue and does thorough research.

I highly recommend that you vote for Ed Brey for a second term. He genuinely cares about the students and our community. He is a highly engaged father and youth advocate. He genuinely cares about the future of our students and wants all students to have a safe and bright future. Full statement

Jacob Immel

Jacob Immel

City of Sheboygan Falls Common Council Member
Sheboygan County Supervisor (District 19)

As a fellow member of the Sheboygan Falls School Board of Education, Ed Brey has earned my support and endorsement. Ed is not afraid to take on controversial issues and is a strong supporter of academic excellence for all students. A vote for Ed Brey is a vote for excellence in the Sheboygan Falls School district.

Gary Thelen

Gary Thelen

Sheboygan Falls School District Board Member

I recommend Ed to be re-elected as a school board member. Ed’s dedication to education and commitment to the welfare of our students makes him an ideal candidate for this position. His proven track record of effective leadership and community involvement have greatly benefited our school district. Ed is very responsive to questions and always open to discussing issues. I am confident that Ed will contribute significantly to the continued success and improvement of our schools.

Abbie Palenske

Abbie Palenske

Former Sheboygan Falls Middle School Parent-Teacher Associate President

Ed is dedicated to making the Sheboygan Falls School District a place where kids are safe, excelling academically, and learning the values that make this community great!

Russ Otten

Russ Otten

Republican Party of Sheboygan County Chair

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